In Remembrance

My Mom just passed away. She was in excellent health, but was a very early adopter of the booster shot, and while COVID negative, suddenly developed multiple blood clots in her lungs.

She loved music, and followed the comments from listeners, and attended some shows. She thought very highly of all the audience members she interacted with, and said so multiple times.

She could do anything, and her natural gift for music showed in her ability to sight read music just for her enjoyment. She once commented that I should reconsider the ending for a piece called ‘Riff Raff’ after hearing me practice it while visiting for Christmas. I changed it, she was right!

She repeatedly commented to me that I was privileged to play for such a wonderful, appreciative audience. I agree. Thank you, and especially for those who had a chance to interact with her, or took the opportunity to express positive thoughts in their public comments. We both appreciate that.

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