Interview with Aditya Veera – Stalwarts Of Music

Last January, before the tragic passing of Janine, Steve spoke with talkshow host/podcaster Aditya Veera from India.

“Steve Morse is renowned for his intricate compositions and innovative techniques. He has carved a path as one of the most versatile guitarists of our time. With seven @recordingacademy nominations and over 200 commercial albums under his belt, Steve’s impact on the music industry is truly unparalleled. Voted Best Overall Guitarist in the Guitar Player Readers Poll for five consecutive years, Steve Morse’s prowess on the guitar knows no bounds. From classical guitar to jazz, fusion to country and bluegrass, and even progressive rock, pop-rock, and hard rock, Steve’s musical journey has transcended genres and captivated audiences worldwide.

From recording with his bands to guesting on various projects, Steve Morse’s dedication to his craft is unmatched. Armed with signature guitars designed by Ernie Ball Music Man and outfitted with his signature DiMarzio pickups and ENGL amplifiers, Steve’s distinctive sound continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Join us as we delve into the life and career of Steve Morse, from his early days with bands like the Dixie Dregs to his monumental achievements with Deep Purple and Flying Colors.”

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