Interview with Innerviews

Anil Prasad of online music magazine Innerviews recently did an extensive interview with Steve. Anil commented about their conversation:

“Steve was amazing to talk to. He was willing to talk for hours and go anywhere and everywhere. We cover the just-released Deep Purple album Whoosh! and his journey with the band to date. There’s lots of Dixie Dregs, Living Loud, Flying Colors, and Kansas discussion, too. Steve was also kind enough to discuss his friendship with Jaco Pastorius and what it was like to tour with Joe ZawinulJohn McLaughlin and Paco de Lucía.

We also go deep into his personal philosophies, how we should treat one another during this extraordinary moment, how COVID-19 is affecting him, and much more. This is one of my favorite interviews in Innerviews’ 26-year history. Hope you dig it.” Read the full interview here.

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