John Petrucci and Steve Morse

Guitar Player Magazine recently extended an invitation to John Petrucci to lead Steve Morse in a mentor-mentee discussion about his career and shredcraft. Within minutes of the two men sitting down to chat, it became clear that this wouldn’t be a standard Q&A session but rather an engaging, relaxed, and at times freewheeling exchange between two giants of the guitar… who also happen to be very good friends.

 In their conversation, the two Ernie Ball Music Man-wielding titans of shred reveal how they’ve inspired one another to go the extra mile in practice, technique, guitar design, and sticking to their musical guns. Read their full conversation here, or in the printed August 2022 edition of Guitar Player Magazine with John and Steve on the cover.

“There are moments that you can pinpoint and say they were truly life-changing, and for me, hearing Steve Morse play guitar was one of them.”

– John Petrucci

Guitar World also wrote about John and Steve’s recent conversation, in which they discussed their admiration for one another, with the latter also revealing how he used to practice… while driving.

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