Steve’s New Instructional Book Out!

Steve Morse: Melodic Rock Guitar Concepts launched February 1. Grab it here on!

Melodic Rock Guitar Concepts shows you the influences that have shaped Steve’s unique guitar style and he shares how he has adapted his favorite country licks into a rock context.

Learn These Techniques:

  • How to create vocal, melodic phrasing
  • How to develop motifs to build guitar solos
  • How to use diverse rhythms to create engaging guitar melodies
  • How to create well-formed phrases with momentum and direction
  • How to use space to punctuate ideas and keep your listeners engaged

Then Dive In:

  • How to combine different rhythms in fast-picked passages
  • How to sequence ideas to avoid clichéd patterns
  • How to add passing notes to create fresh hybrid soloing shapes
  • How to use string skipping to create modern, unpredictable phrases
  • How to use multiple bends to span the bar line

The also book includes a download of 92 audio examples and backing tracks, along with all the usual clear notation and TAB. Check it out!

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