Interview with Six String Alliance

Steve took a lot of time recently to talk to Jamie Humphries of Six String Alliance. In this first part of the interview, Steve discusses the new Deep Purple Album, “Turning To Crime”, and how the band adapted these classic cover tunes with the unmistakable sound of Deep Purple. He also talks about how this album was put together during lockdown. Furthermore Steve discusses his iconic Music Man series of guitars, as well as his Engl based rig.

In the second part of the interview Steve discusses Music Man guitars, talking about his Y2D signature model. Steve also talks technique, giving an insight into how his picking technique has involved. Steve takes us through the arpeggio section from Deep Purple’s version of the classic track “Oh Well”, taken from their new “Turning To Crime” album. Steve rounds things up talking about how he interoperates Ritchie Blackmore’s classic riff’s when performing with Deep Purple.

Deep Purple on German tv

On the day of the “Turning To Crime” album release, Deep Purple performed the single “7 And 7 Is” on German tv station ARD, in the MorgenMagazin (MoMa) breakfast show,

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Deep Purple “Oh Well” single and video premiere

The second single from Deep Purple’s upcoming new album “Turning To Crime”, called “Oh Well”, is out on November 5th. This song has originally been written and recorded by Fleetwood Mac. The accompanying music video shows the Deep Purple guys on a very special mission. “Oh Well” is available at “Turning to Crime” will

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Hanging with the classical side of Mr. Morse

Steve Morse is one of the most prolific and fascinating guitarists in the business. A deeper dive into his playing and songs will reveal a very refined technical and compositional approach steeped in classical studies. – Jake Ezra Schwartz, Premier Guitar Premier Guitar has published an article about the classical influence in Steve’s playing, with

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