In Remembrance

My Mom just passed away. She was in excellent health, but was a very early adopter of the booster shot, and while COVID negative, suddenly developed multiple blood clots in her lungs. She loved music, and followed the comments from listeners, and attended some shows. She thought very highly of all the audience members she […]

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Steve Remembers Chick Corea

Chick Corea was a pioneer in so many types of fusion, and an incredibly talented writer, improviser, and player.  This photo was found by my friend, Jeff Watson.  I am hanging out in the back next to David Grisman and Merv Griffin, while Chick and Herbie Hancock are sitting together in front. — Steve

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In memoriam Lee Kerslake

Some years back, I had the privilege of working with Lee Kerslake, Bob Daisley, and Jimmy Barnes.  Lee was a naturally warm, friendly guy, while having so much talent. He was full of ideas for our original songs, as well.  The project was called Living Loud, and is one of my favorite recordings. It’s described

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