There are often questions for Steve, mostly because he speaks almost entirely through music. We do receive a great deal of messages, and appreciate you being here. Please allow a little time for us to reply. Below is a list of common questions; a more enjoyable discourse is to be found amongst the official fan groups that dot the internet’s vast landscape—they’re a wealth of knowledge and kind folk. Although we do bump into Steve on occasion, please note the messages sent here go to the respective parties listed. Responses don’t necessarily reflect Steve’s thoughts, but probably aren’t too far off. No animals are harmed in the making of Steve’s music.

Steve's Contact FAQ

Got a question? Check here, first. There’s nothing more embarrassing than asking a question that’s already in the FAQ.

Check back here soon for information.

Just as live shows make the best memories, Steve appreciates the opportunity to meet fans and friends in-person. The messages from this page go to Steve’s team members. And after all, we want Steve making great more music, free of distractions…like texts, plumbing and sleep.

Steve loves to work other artists. Currently, he’s working diligently on several projects, including the exisiting collaborations/guest-spots he’s pledged to. For the foreseeable future, there’s simply no room left on his plate for new solo spots. 

Depending on the record label’s policy, Steve’s (this) website and his social media will often carry announcements. As with many musicians, even long-term projects are often confirmed and scheduled shortly before starting—there’s usually no longterm (definitive) plans.

Of course! We haven’t told Steve there’s a world outside the studio, so he’s probably being musical as you read this.

Steve doesn’t keep or sell his own memorabilia. When he has something interesting, he gives it away at a concert, charity auction or fan contest. Therefore, any Morse memorabilia (e.g. on eBay) should be considered fraudulent. Until touring resumes, the only place to buy legit merchandise is directly from Steve, at his Calliopia online store. Any other retailer is selling counterfeit swag.

A dedicated group of volunteers help Steve reach out online. Most non-news posts are directly from him, and Steve’s words are always his own. 

That, unfortunately, is a good question. As with any even reticent public figures, there are imposters, especially on social media. Look for a platform’s verification symbol on the account as a guide to who/what is legitimate. If there’s any question, please contact us here.

Audience FAQ

The contact points here are General, Business and News. (We used to have one about pie, but it was too popular. And not enough pie.)

General Messages

Just about anything. If you’re looking for information, though, please first try this website, Google, or the official fan clubs on Facebook; you’ll get a much faster (and probably more accurate) answer.

  • I have a Steve Morse signature guitar; what does this knob do?
  • What is Steve’s favourite bassoon?
  • How do I download Steve’s Call of Duty skin?
  • Do Steve’s fingers have smaller hands attached with tiny fingers on them?
  • Does Steve hold any competitive eating records?
  • Is there a signature Steve Morse salad dressing?
  • Wait, Steve who?
Your question will be answered by one of our intrepid volunteers.

News Items

Choose the “News” subject option, below on the contact form. Our News Editor, Marije, will wrangle and post with aplomb.

Business Enquiries

Generally, anything requiring pants:
  1. Can Steve join my online event?
  2. Will Steve be a judge in our contest?
  3. Is Steve available to score to shows/films/games?
  4. Does Steve perform live on music streams?
  5. Whom do I contact about booking Steve for an interview or podcast?
  6. Where can we park this dumptruck full of money?”

Steve is managed by Frank and Jake Solomon. His executive producer is Bill Evans (mostly musical stuff) Anyone else claiming to act Steve’s behalf probably isn’t. As with any public figure, there are imposters posing as Steve, online. Contact us here if you have any question.

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