Interview with Hawai’i Public Radio

Hawai’i Public Radio show All Things Considered host Dave Lawrence has been doing a series of interviews titled Off the Road, with musicians sharing how the pandemic and other crises have touched them. Recently he talked to Steve, for a wide-ranging, personal interview.

Dave commented about their conversation: “Steve explained the group-isolation writing process Deep Purple utilizes, and then took us inside the studio with legendary producer Bob Ezrin to learn about the production of the latest Deep Purple album, Whoosh!, and hear some classic stories. The tour for Whoosh! was heavily impacted by the virus, Steve explained, sharing how his personal journey through the pandemic has been one involving challenges and themes many have faced, from fear of infecting vulnerable family members, to losing loved ones during the lockdown. He also shared a few inspiring lessons he’s learned from touring the world with Deep Purple, through stories involving far-flung international destinations. It’s a remarkably candid, unvarnished conversation, in some ways unlike anything we’ve had so far in the series.”

The interview has been published in two parts, listen to part one here, and part two here.

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