Privacy Policy

As this is an e-commerce website, if you place an order, we’ll ask for the information needed for it. The specific data depends on if you’re shipping to yourself or someone else, and how you pay. This covers payment security, delivery, order tracking, your name, address, email address and phone number (for billing verification).

We retain this information for your account, and in the record of your order. If you pay with a credit card, we ask for your credit card information; but we don’t store that data. For security, the IP address of all orders is recorded. If you use PayPal, you are passed to their website; your password is not sent to us. We will not knowingly disclose your information to any third party. There is no newsletter or mailing list; we will rarely, if ever, contact you other than in direct reference to your order, or if there’s something really cool to tell you about. If you want your information deleted, please use the contact form to let us know—we’ll need to delete your account and information on any orders you’ve placed.

We value your privacy and appreciate your business.

So what are cookies, anyway? Apart from the delicious kind, the other kind of cookie is a small pieces of data that are transferred by a website for record-keeping purposes to your browser when you use our website. We use cookies for operations related to your order. Most of them are to temporarily hold information, so you don’t need to keep typing in the same information, and remember your preferences. And that’s it…we don’t track you, or eat your cookies. As this is an e-commerce website, though, it can’t function without cookies—they’re needed to store and process information. Thanks for your understanding, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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