About Steve’s Store

This is Steve’s own store, run by his trusted team of valiant artists and musical ferrets. We do everything ourselves, with Steve’s input and approval. By shopping here, you’re directly supporting him and more of his music. With music sales a thing of the past, stores like this are more important for artists and their teams.

This is the only legit source for Steve’s merchandise and memorabilia. Anything else, unless listed here, or from one of Steve’s band or record labels, is almost certainly not legitimate, probably not genuine, and may contains only small rocks and pebbles.

So, what’s here, anyway?


Steve doesn’t sell memorabilia, it’s free to fans and charities.

All the collector’s items (CDs, DVDs and vintage shirts) here are literally from Steve’s house. (In a closet, down a hallway, off his living room, to be exact.) He’s kept them from past tours, record company promotions, and…some nobody is sure about the origins of. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The shiny new clothing, and other cool stuff, is created specifically when you order it. All of our items ship directly from either Europe or the United States, whichever is closer to you. We also feature items created for, with, or that include Steve, from friends of ours. (They ship those items themselves.)

Our vintage gear is original clothing and music from throughout Steve’s career. All of it is from Steve’s personal collection, known only in legend as Steve’s Stash. Until recently, he kept it where anyone would…his home. More recently, he reconsidered the need to have 24/7 access to 57 t-shirts from his 1994 tour—so he packed it all up, and it’s available exclusively here. Much of it he autographed before it the surly bonds of his studio’s far corner.

Every t-shirt is the original—from that tour, album launch, or other event. The CDs and DVDs are the same, dating from the original release, and living comfortably with Steve ever since. Inventory is limited to what’s at his house—when it’s gone, it’s gone.

From time to time, we also have more eclectic stuff. Most of it is one-of-a-kind, such as guitar string sets Steve played, original set lists, autographed guitar picks, and the occasional heavy-lift airship. We don’t do a mailing list, so check back periodically if you want to see what’s new.

Steve doesn’t charge a premium for memorabilia like those other artists. (We’ve asked him. He won’t.) We’re still hoping he’ll autograph that 90-foot blimp in his garage. He said not to hold our breath.

We do our new merch is a little differently. Your item is created when you order it (mostly by robots). That way, every size, colour and style is always available. And we can offer a bewildering array of lit swag.

Our manufacturing partner, Printful, manufactures and ships locally from North America and Europe. So when you order, your items arrives quickly, ships fast, and requires no import tax or customs clearance.

Partnering with Printful also allows us to offer worldwide standard warranties and local customer service. If there’s a problem with your order, or want to return something, you can contact them directly—by email, realtime chat, or phone. (Of course, you can also contact us, too.)

Swedish master jeweller Katya Hast-Ekström has designed an amazing line of jewellery, inspired by Steve, and incorporating his playing (such as guitar strings he’s played). Located in Lund (Sweden), she crafts every piece by hand. We’re big fans of her jewellery, and wear it ourselves (including Steve).

Unless otherwise noted, all-metal is 925 Sterling silver. As they are fashioned by hand, items may bear the hallmarks of hand-crafting, such as minute hammer marks. Each piece is slightly different—no two are exactly alike.

When you select one her items, you are transported her website. From there, your order and payment will be processed by Katya Arts.

Please allow up to two weeks for crafting your jewelry piece. If it’s really busy, it might take longer. If you need your piece delivered by a certain date for a gift, please ask. (Also, remember to add time for shipping to your country.)

Each piece is shipped fully-insured by Sweden’s PostNord. When your item ships, you’ll receive a tracking number and link to PostNord to track your package. Protecting your shipment costs a little more, and the peace-of-mind is well worth the investment.

Every item carries a 30-day unconditional guarantee, beginning from the date of delivery. Jewellery may be returned for any reason within that time period. If an item arrives damaged, your postage back to Katya Arts will be covered. Returns for any other reason will have the full purchase price refunded except for shipping. If your jewellery is ever damaged, we can repair it for a modest fee. Please contact us for additional information.

Katya is 100% committed to your satisfaction with these one-of-a-kind items. It is her sincere hope they serve as an enduring, uniquely engaging part of your life.

The store also carries limited-time items, most of which are things we didn’t plan on. Some of them may be from Steve, directly (such as original setlists). Others may be holiday items, or custom merchandise for special events. Things that Steve has worked on with his friends may also peek out periodically.

And who’s writing this, anyway…it’s not Steve, writing about himself in third person? It’s me, Bill. And I’ll be your guide here. You can drop me a line any time.

If you have any questions about our vintage items, or other memorabilia you’ve seen elsewhere, drop us a line.

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